The Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund (DLYMF) honors the life and memory of Debra Leipman Yale (1956-2011), devoted wife of David and loving mother of Cameron, Jared and Griffin. A long-time resident of Armonk, NY, and the Byram Hills Central School District, Debra worked tirelessly to enhance education for all children in her community. 

Originally from Bay Village, OH, and a graduate of the Ohio State University, Debra was a highly respected executive in the cosmetics, fragrance and health and beauty care markets for 25 years. She brought thoughtful intelligence, alongside her spirited and energetic personality, to all areas of her life – but especially to her family, friends and community.  

For more than five years (2004 – 09), Debra served on the board of the Byram Hills Education Foundation (BHEF), including two years as its Chairman. During Debra’s tenure, the BHEF granted more than $1.4 million to the schools in her community. 

Following Debra’s sudden and unexpected passing in late 2011, the Yale family approached the BHEF about setting up a Memorial Fund to honor Debra’s memory and her strong commitment to the BHEF and the community she so loved. Launched with a generous donation of $15,000 by the Yale family, this Fund offers Debra’s family and friends a meaningful opportunity to honor her memory by supporting a cause about which she cared deeply. 

Contributions will be used to fund future grants awarded by the BHEF. Each year, grant proposals are submitted by teachers and administrators to the BHEF, then approved by the Board of Directors. Once grants have been approved by the Board of Directors, the Yale family – working in collaboration with the BHEF Chairman, President and Treasurer – will have the opportunity to select one or more approved grants to be named in honor of Debra with reserves from the DLYMF.  Grants named in honor of Debra will be noted in promotional material distributed by the BHEF and upon installation within the school district.  For more info please click HERE.


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